Thursday, April 27, 2006

4 neat things about Houston

I’ve been tagged by Goferboy’s 4 neat things about his hometown of Cincinnati.... “WKRP in Cincinnati!!!” Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself.

#1 Authentic Mexican Food & Margaritas
From inexpensive Taqueria (taco stands) to expensive Tex Mex gourmet restaurants in the surrounding area.

100% Taquito
A very cheap place to grab a bite and have a Corona before you hit the bars in the Village.

Yes, I know it’s a chain, but damn their fajitas are so juicy and the service is one of the main reasons I go back for more - sizzzzzzle

El Tiempo Cantina
In my opinion, this place is over priced for the kind of pretentious service you receive, for example they make you feel you should be privileged to be in their restaurant. I am sucker, sometimes. The food is always delicious and the margaritas are strong! I always recommend the Don Julio margarita on the rocks with salt, please.

Ninfias on Navigation
Good food. Good ritas. Very good homemade tortillas!

#2 Art/Culture/Museums

The Menil Collection is located in the Montrose area.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Museum of Fine Arts
& Children's Museum

Oh and NASA Johnson Space Center

#3 Sports Franchise

Houston Astros
Houston Rockets
Houston Texans

#4 The Hidden Treasure

St. Arnolds Brewery Tour

Swing. Batter Batter. SWING!!!

Our dear friend, Cheetoh scored us tickets to the Astros VS Dodgers game Tuesday night.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

music video by the flaming lips - do you realize?

bunnies. las vegas. lights. beautiful music. harmony. colorful. - are some of my favorite things

pitchfork (media) music festival - os mutantes

Tropicália legends Os Mutantes sign on!
Friday April 14th. 2006
Well, it looks like the Pitchfork Music Festival isn't just going to be two days of happy people getting drunk and rocking out-- it's also going to be an historic event!
We are honored and delighted to announce that Brazilian Tropicália gods Os Mutantes, reunited and performing live for the first time since 1973, will play the second day of the Pitchfork Music Festival. The psych-rock pioneers have scheduled just a handful of shows this summer, and we've been lucky enough to score their only American festival appearance. As Os Mutantes themselves once said, everything is possible-- including getting to see a group of living legends play on the same bill as members of the younger musical generation they helped to inspire.
Tickets are on sale now...

what a line up. i wish we could try and make this music fest, since the brilliant brazilian group Os Mutantes will be playing. I am always listening to their compilation cd:
Everything Is Possible: The Best of Os Mutantes

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shuffle up and Deal

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My husband and his friend (he shall remain nameless) decided to build a poker table from scratch. They started Sunday and been working hard on this project all week. From the pictures I’ve seen and the late night discussions of blood shed, sweat, and flying sawdust. {insert rocky theme song} I am very proud and impressed. We are hosting a No Limit TX Hold ‘Em tournament tomorrow night to showcase the “Sweet Ass” table. It’s going to be fun. And I promise I won’t spill my beer! Well, kind of... no, I promise!

Wow. I never thought I would become so addicted to such a game like poker. About a year and six months ago I went along with Chad to watch him play a tournament for the first time and think to myself with a bit of an attitude. I can do that. I can try that. If I had those pocket cards I would’ve played that! I was horrible in the beginning, trying to remember who deals, bet-check-raise, big blind-small blind... yadda, yadda, yadda. I did discover though, if I don’t drink early in the game I can actually learn something and stay focused. I'm a much better player now and I’m sure its helped tremendously with us hosting a game nearly every weekend. But only cash games with an occasional tournament.

Good luck to me, beotches!!

If you build it, they will come

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playing surface demonstration

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

just a geek. wil wheaton

Remember the movie Stand by Me? Remember the show Star Trek: The Next Generation? I do. Actually, (on boy, here we go down memory lane-candy land) I can remember watching Stand by Me at the movies and Wil’s character making such an impact on me as if he was just one of my childhood friends. Okay, that came out sooooo cheesy, but it’s true. Movies do that to me. Then during the summer of ‘96 I was introduced to The Next Generation series by Parth when I was recovering from orthopedic surgery to remove a pin from my left femur. A severe head on car collision I’ll discuss in detail at a later time. Anyway, I got hooked watching The Next Generation and thinking to my self where the hell have I seen this Wes Crusher dude? Bingo, Stand by Me. Well, now I’ve discovered his blog and his podcast show, Radio Free Burrito. And here, episode zero. Did I mention he plays poker and writes about poker? He does....

Death by Sexy - Eagles of Death Metal

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Good 'Ole Chili Cook Off

Our friends Tony and Rebecca invited us to a Chili cook off last weekend. We ate good Texas BBQ, crawfish, and there was booze everywhere. We walked around going from tent to tent and meeting people having such a great time. We came across this one tent with a double-sided shot block. What fun!
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South Park wins Peabody and Toilet Humor

So this morning I’m watching the traffic report on TV and the ticker reads, “South Park wins Peabody Award”. Awesome! I tell you, last nights episode had me laughing so hard I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom.
I must drink too much..... Water. Yeah, that's it. That explains why I had the urgency to urinate while watching South Park.

It would be cool if I had a toilet seat like this one

Monday, April 03, 2006

random thoughts

Gorillapod, a curly cue camera tripod. So, I won't have to bug others to take photos (of me in them, ha) and besides I love fun gadgets.

It's a MAD MAD WORLD - Gary Jules version from the movie Donnie Darko.

It's Just. It's a remix of Radiohead "JUST" by DJ Mark Ronson & Lead Vocals
Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet.

And just because...

yes, it is true. it is me in the astros dug-out!