Tuesday, April 11, 2006

just a geek. wil wheaton

Remember the movie Stand by Me? Remember the show Star Trek: The Next Generation? I do. Actually, (on boy, here we go down memory lane-candy land) I can remember watching Stand by Me at the movies and Wil’s character making such an impact on me as if he was just one of my childhood friends. Okay, that came out sooooo cheesy, but it’s true. Movies do that to me. Then during the summer of ‘96 I was introduced to The Next Generation series by Parth when I was recovering from orthopedic surgery to remove a pin from my left femur. A severe head on car collision I’ll discuss in detail at a later time. Anyway, I got hooked watching The Next Generation and thinking to my self where the hell have I seen this Wes Crusher dude? Bingo, Stand by Me. Well, now I’ve discovered his blog and his podcast show, Radio Free Burrito. And here, episode zero. Did I mention he plays poker and writes about poker? He does....

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