Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If I am not...

black on black
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If I am not playing with my Nikon.
If I am not on the computer.
If I am not discussing world events.....
I am playing with Guitar Hero - The PS2 video game. It is very addictive.

Y'see, it is true.

Check out one of my fave songs by Wolfmother , posted on gasoline dreams blog - WOMAN!!


Check out this band from Belgium

Me Crazy, You Sane:


Here is the lead singer playing w/Eagles of Death Metal on Late Night w/Conan.
**poor quality video, but the sound is good**

Upcoming events dot me

March 6th, Tuesday - Viva Voce @Verizon Wireless

March 10th, Saturday - PONG @Continental Club in Austin

March 23rd, Friday - Widespread Panic @The Woodlands

April 26th, Thursday - The Toadies @Verizon Wireless
Reunion Tour. Yo, for real - B!!