Thursday, February 02, 2006

Four Things

I am blog-rolling and come across a blog site posting a MeMe quiz? You are supposed to be tagged, but I'm cheating. Yay, me! Yep, you learn something new and for me it’s everyday! It’s like one of those questionnaires you answer, so you can get to know yourself – better or not? On the other hand, I just have too much time.

FOUR jobs I've had:
Wal-mart – lingerie dept. for one month
The Gap - sales
Old Navy - sales
Bennigans – waitress/host

FOUR movies I can watch over and over:
ONE (Four) place(s) I've lived:

FOUR TV shows I love:
The Shield
The Office
Family Guy
Gilmore Girls – shut the hell up, boogfoot!
And Mr. Show

FOUR places I've vacationed:
Cancun, Mexico
San Diego/Los Angeles
Las Vegas – my husband and I got married!!
Denver /Colorado Springs/Boulder

FOUR of my favorite dishes:
Fajitas – El Tiempo or Pappasitos
Menudo – by my mom
McDonalds french fries

FOUR of my favorite beverages:
Fountain Coke- XXX Ice
Beer – Corona, St. Arnolds, Lone Star
Margarita Rocks – Don Julio

FOUR sites I visit daily:
Refer to links

FOUR places I would rather be right now:
Austin, Texas
Estes Park, Colorado
Music Store
The Chad

Tag FOUR Other Bloggers:
Me is enough since I am still learning, learning about myself.

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