Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Babcock's... childhood friends.

Chad and I had dinner with the Babcock family Friday night... Amber, Jason, Brook - 4 years, and Brett - 2 1/2 years. It was the first time to visit their beautiful home in Kingwood, Texas.

Amber and I have been friends since elementary school. Jason, I believe some years later, but we all grew up and lived in the same neighborhood. It was fun sharing stories of our childhood... walking barefoot to 7-eleven and buying a big gulp of our favorite soft drink. Or the times when we would ride 3wheelers on Greens bayou. Oh, and the memory of Amber getting her drivers license. Good times. Good times.

Chad and I were sharing the story of how Amber formerly introduced me and Chad back in high school. Chad was a freshman and I was a sophomore. I can remember Chad having drum sticks in his hands when we were introduced. But it wasn't until after we graduated that Chad and I started dating seriously.

Well, we had a great time and hopefully next time we will be able to visit longer.... Check out more photos we took HERE as a set.

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*susandia* said...

hey lady, does this babcock family (i guess jason)have a little sister named crystal...friends in junior high.