Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy July 4th – Don’t go disrespect’n

While we were taking flag football action shots at the park last Saturday. I came across this cute family with an adorable little baby near the playground. I saw them put an American Flag on the ground and place the baby on top of the flag. The baby was dressed in only a diaper and they started to take pictures. I am assuming they were taking July 4th family pictures. By the time I could get Chad to look over they were gone, probably because of the heat. When I told Chad what I saw he told me how you are not allowed to put the American Flag on the ground. That is disrespecting the flag. I was thinking, really?!? Are you sure?!? And he is right. According to the
US Flag Code ... no part of the flag should touch the ground. I know this family did not mean any disrespect to the American Flag. If anything they were showing their patriotism.

Now go celebrate your independence day!

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