Friday, July 20, 2007

23 weeks - Whew!!

Chad took this photo while we waited to see the Ob/Gyn. We waited for 2 1/2 hrs. She apologized several times. She told us she did an emergency c-section and was running really behind. She is worth the wait (Thanks to Rebecca for her recommendation). I've been to many Ob/Gyn doctors in my lifetime and she is by far the best. She always makes Chad and I feel very comfortable and at ease anytime we visit. Her supporting staff is very naturing and caring. This is my first pregnancy and I do realize there are many resources available (books, family, internet, my husband, etc..), but knowing I have an awesome doctor makes me a happy mother-to-be.

Well, this was our 5th prenatal visit. Everything went really well. All of my vitals signs were normal. The baby's heartbeat was strong and beating at a normal rate of 155. I've gained the weight I needed to, with me eating more and more. My next visit is August 7th to test for diabetes. I will have to fast the night before, never fun.

I am at the stage were I can't get away with telling people I am bloated and have a severe case of indigestion. Yes, I have a pregnant belly. I must wear the maternity clothes, but it's quite comfortable. I can't sleep the way I am used to... on my stomach with my head buried in the pillow. I go to the restroom ALOT! The best feeling is when he, the Dude moves around in my belly. I love it!!!

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