Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am a loser.

First off... I want to send my sincerest apologies to Timmay & Mike

I am a loser. I am.

I talked Timmay & Mike into joining me to a Pre-Thanksgiving show, the Dimes at Walters on Washington. It was suggested to have dinner before the show at El Tiempo Cantina. I enjoyed two (only 2) regular frozen margaritas during our meal. After dinner we went to the venue. The Dimes were headlining the show with 4 bands on the bill. We entered while the 2nd band was playing (I can't remember who, right now or ever). We were there for maybe about 20 minutes and I desperately felt the need to go to the rest-room. I started to feel really ill to my stomach. It felt as if I had motion sickness. To make a long story short.... I realized I was drunk, drunk and confused. And not the confusion of my surroundings, confused as to how I got drunk and sick with only two Rita's. When I returned from the rest-room to join my friends I had a Lone Star waiting for me, but I could not drink it. No way! I told them I needed to leave and go home.... RIGHT NOW, Please! So we left before the Dimes ever hit the stage. I blame my sickness on the regular Rita's with regular tequila instead of my usual premium tequila- Don Julio. Is his name. The good news is, I did manage to buy an EP. Which is really good, in case anyone cares to know.

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