Saturday, March 25, 2006

solcookie tv time

The Shield/FX ** One of the members from the ‘strike team’ is murdered. It’s about time Claudette becomes captain. Long over due

The Sopranos/HBO ** Carmella continues to show emotional strength for the family

No Reservations/Travel ** new season begins Tuesday, March 27th

World Poker Tour ** new season began March 8th. What happened to Shana?

Gilmore Girls ** It’s time for the show to come to an end, sorry!
Either Rory becomes a better Ivy League whore or I’m done watching my TV guilt pleasure of the week. The best part of this season so far, is Sebastian Bach covering the song ‘hollaback girl’ at a Bar Mitzvah... CLASSIC

South Park ** only for shock value!

Speaking of... I recommend you rent the movie Orgazmo. A mormon, crime-fighting, martial arts, superhero

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