Tuesday, February 07, 2006

'Speaking in Tongues' on Payless Shoe TV ad

Eagles of Death Metal: Peace Love Death Metal track on a payless 'spring preview' TV ad?!? It was kind of strange to see it, but I really enjoyed hearing it, on TV. I just want to get up and dance everytime I hear that song.
This is what their website posted regarding the tv ads.....


The Eagles of Death Metal are proud of their infiltration skills & are staying committed to making TV sexier!
Wendy's, Nissan & Payless Shoes- have all jumped headfirst into the Eagles magic makeover tent & come out breathtakingly sexier for it.... TV can be such a bore chore.
That's why Eagles are trying their darndest to make the in-between bits worth your lookin balls' attention (atleast for the moments we're on it).
So, remember to stay fabulous & Don't worry- Be happy.
-Cuz now TV, just got less crappy crappy!

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